The worst things you can do in your yoga class

Yoga extraordinaire Sammy Bowmer takes us through the big ‘no no’s’ in mat etiquette. 

With lockdown coming to a slow end, the days of yoga in our pyjamas might be over.

So as we begin to take our butts back our favourite teachers and classes, here’s a reminder of some of the worst things you can do in your yoga class – how many have you done?

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Stepping on someone else’s mat

Keep your dirty little toes on your own mat – we don’t know where those things have been.

Talking in class

Shhh.. while having a bit of a laugh is always welcome, maybe save your “oh my god, I can’t believe she didn’t get a rose” reality TV catch up for after class.

Bringing your phone in or checking your Apple Watch every 2 seconds

Your yoga class is the perfect time to switch off from all the notifications and the outside world to be present on your mat and in your practice. Leave your phone out of the room (even if you’re doing a class online – put it away), instagram will still be there in an hour, promise – you know unless it crashes again.

Leaving in the middle savasana

Why leave?….It’s the best part of class. If you really have to scoot off before the end of class – tell your teacher beforehand and get outta there before savasana starts, noone wants to hear you rolling up your mat and tip toeing out while they’re trying to get their zen on – let the other yogis enjoy their rest.

Giving other students corrections

Hands off! You might be a total pro, or even a yoga teacher – but giving other students corrections is not very cool. Let the teacher teach and just enjoy being in class, give your brain a break.

Being the one that knocks over your hydro flask during wind down

“It’s not a yoga party until someone drops their hydro flask” We’ve all done it – you accidently kick it over, it bangs, everyone jumps, it rolls away, it’s a whole scene – they need to put some padding on those things.

Setting your mat up right next to someone else

While this is definitely less likely now in the days of “it that shall not be named” but rolling out your mat right next to someone else’s is the worst – especially when there’s plenty of room in the studio. No one wants to be doing a wide forward fold with your peach in their face no matter how many squats you’ve been doing. Give yourself some space.

Sammy is a Sydney based yoga teacher and founder of blok yoga, a community driven popup studio in Double Bay. we have fun here, we move to feel good, we bring the good vibes – that’s the motto at blok and they have created a space where yoga is a more accessible and fun practice for anyone and everyone.

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