Month: May 2021

Want to make your workout more enjoyable? Drink pink

Colours have an incredible power to evoke certain emotions. But new research says they could even impact our workouts for the better. Here’s a fact that will make you question everything you ever knew about the world: Rainbow Paddlepops aren’t actually rainbow flavoured. They’re plain old caramel. But the very nature of their appearance evokes … Read more

Five exercises that give women long-term bang for buck

If you’re spending hours in the gym, unsure what to prioritise, these straightforward exercise options should be your new holy grail. Most women have a lot on their plate! Between work and family, we are often guilty of putting everyone else’s needs above our own, and it’s our self-care that suffers. We’ve all heard the … Read more

The five most common injuries and the exercises to relieve them

We speak to an injury management specialist about how to get over those nasty twinges.  As a yoga teacher I often see that one of the most common reasons students come to the mat is to better understand their bodies, and how they can manage niggling injuries and pain.. From students that have picked up … Read more