Month: April 2021

Why you shouldn’t trust social media influencers with your workout

Expert Pilates and founder of Breathe Education, Raphael Bender, shares the red flags you should look for in your workout trainers. There are lots of benefits to signing up to a Pilates class, from motivation to inspiration, guidance and feedback. If you’re just starting out and need some guidance on poses, movement and technique, it … Read more

‘I worked out with Elsa Pataky’s yoga instructor and it’s more accessible than I thought’

It’s the perfect way to wind down after a busy day of work, or just when you’ve been having a shit time of it. Connecting with yourself through movement is something I took for granted, but now I’m hooked.  I want to preface this piece with the fact that I’ve never been particularly bendy. Even … Read more

How to make sure your low impact workout burns as much as HIIT

Fitness expert Michael Ramsey shares his tips to burn major calories without doing a HIIT class. In the last few years, HIIT classes have completely taken off – usually short in length and circuit style, they’re focused on burning the most amount of calories in the shortest time using high intensity (and often high impact) … Read more

I tried a workout on ré•spin, Halle Berry’s fitness platform and OMG

When our writer started her first ré•spin exercise, she thought she might just be able to do it.By the second one she realised just how Halle Berry looked so fabulous in that catsuit. Sweat and tears.  While there is no hope in hell that I will ever be fitting into a Catwoman suit quite like … Read more

Laura Henshaw’s 7 tips to make exercise non-negotiable in winter

Fitness guru Laura Henshaw knows a thing or two about exercising year round. She shares her tips on how to keep up the good work even when the mercury plummets.  When the mornings get colder and the days become shorter our motivation can definitely take a hit. There’s no questioning that it’s so much easier … Read more

‘Why I stopped caring how much I spend on working out’

Gym memberships and fitness classes can be costly, it’s true, but exercise is so important to not only our physical but mental health. That’s why this writer can ALWAYS justify the expense.  Growing up, I hugely admired and respected my mum for her running schedule. She was religious about exercising every second day and well … Read more