Month: January 2021

Princess Diana’s former personal trainer Cameron Falloon shares his top fitness trends for 2021

As we make our way through the first month of the year, Body Fit Training founder and joint CEO Cameron Falloon has put together some insights into the fitness trends he expects to dominate the industry in 2021. COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the fitness industry in 2020, with closures of fitness studios … Read more

The ultimate running when pregnant checklist, from a running fanatic

Going for a jog while you’re pregnant may sound intimidating, but avid runner Laura Hill has this checklist of things you’ll need to be prepared.  If you’re pregnant and want to keep running, the great news is you can. Research shows and health experts agree, that exercising during pregnancy is great for you and your … Read more

Turia Pitt on why mums shouldn’t be afraid of running after having a baby

It may sound intimidating, but there’s no reason you should be afraid to get back into running after having a baby. Just go gentle, says Turia Pitt. Turia Pitt may seem like a superhero (and, by our calculations, totally is) but the road back to running as a new mum wasn’t a fast journey by … Read more

This Magic Mike dancer has the most varied workout regime we’ve ever seen

Magic Mike Live is coming to Australia and we caught up with dancer Petr Fedorovskil about he gets in shape for what is, we imagine, a VERY demanding job.  The last two years have been “a bit different” for Magic Mike performer Petr Fedorovskil. He’s moved to Australia, started a family, and says he “wasn’t … Read more

Feeling unmotivated? You might want to check out your metrics

Yes, even the best of us can feel unmotivated to work out at times. But if you’re finding it really challenging to stay interested in exercise, Apple’s senior director of fitness technologies Jay Blahnik has a solution that might work for you. Staying motivated when it comes to your fitness can be really challenging sometimes, … Read more

Michelle Bridges’ 5 no-fail rules for getting back into your fitness routine

Getting your fitness back on track can feel like impossible when you’ve had a few weeks *cough, months* off. 12WBT founder Michelle Bridges shares her rules for reigniting your routine. No matter how well-prepared you were for this year, COVID threw a spanner in the works. When it comes to making positive and ongoing changes … Read more

‘I tried Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman workout and I feel pretty super (sorry)’

A lot of strength and a bit of cardio. This was two weeks on the workout Gal Gadot used to get her in fighting fit form for Wonder Woman 1984. There’s a reason so many of us are interested in what actors have to do to physically prepare for a role, especially if it’s a … Read more