Month: December 2020

5 ways to keep working out during the Christmas holidays, according to personal trainer Sam Wood

Sure, you might have some time off work but your health doesn’t take vacations. Personal trainer Sam Wood on how to keep moving throughout the busy Christmas period. At this time of year, there is a lot of temptation, a lot of celebration and we tend to lose our normal structure. Unfortunately, calories and weight … Read more

Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg works up a sweat at F45 Woolloomooloo

Mark Wahlberg stunned fitness buffs when he dropped into a training session at F45 Woolloomooloo.  Mark Wahlberg made a surprise appearance after stopping by F45 Woolloomooloo during a group workout session. “It was amazing, absolutely incredible, the biggest Hollywood star was down here at F45 – you couldn’t ask for anything more,” the gym’s owner … Read more

The best smart watches and fitness trackers to buy online in Australia

Want to strap on a fitness tracker, but not sure which smart watch is for you? The Body+Soul editors have surveyed the market to find the best device to keep you accountable in 2021… and beyond. No matter your goals.  The Body+Soul editors are a discerning bunch, so when they recommend the best running shoes, … Read more

‘I swapped my high intensity workouts for mindful training, and now feel calmer’

Journalist and stress head Juna Xu, swapped her high intensity workouts for a week of mindful training. The results? Her mental health improved immensely and she learnt to love to run again. Hi, my name’s Juna and I’m a fitness-holic. No, like, really. The thought of going a day without doing an intense workout stresses … Read more