Month: January 2020

The best gear to help you become a runner (even if you think you hate running)

There’s a good chance you’re not wearing the right gear if you’re someone who struggles to find the motivation to run. Here are the only 5 products you need to change that. We might be living in a world where Pilates, Crossfit, Lagree and HIIT are the trendy workouts to be doing, but there’s no … Read more

Yoga poses to firm and strengthen your booty and core

If you thought squats were the only answer to achieving that toned butt, think again. A yoga expert shares the low-intensity exercises that will get you a perky behind. While we aspire for Beyonce’s “bootylicious” butt, there are many important reasons to take care of the gluteus muscles that go beyond looks or aesthetics. The … Read more

3 post-pregnancy exercises to never do if you’ve given birth in the last three months

After you’ve had your baby, it takes time for your muscles to strengthen up again, and for your ligaments to stiffen up and support your joints. If you return to exercise too early, you can slow the repair and recovery process, or even overstretch and strain the recovering muscles leading to pain or injury. Although … Read more

Sam Wood on why you should always workout your core before glutes

Fitness expert Sam Wood reveals why your core should be the first muscle you warm-up when exercising, plus he shares a 5-move workout that will help you get that six-pack. Should your core be the first muscle you activate when working out? The short answer is… yes. I like to do my core movements either … Read more

Rally For Relief raised almost $5m for bushfire victims

Tennis’ bad boy Nick Kyrgios rallied his champion colleagues to raise nearly $5m for bushfire victims. The #rallies4relief charity match included a who’s-who of the sport’s biggest names, including Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Rafale Nadal. Canberra-based Kyrgios was motivated to do something to help the residents surrounding his smoke-filled hometown. He had originally pledged … Read more

Australian tennis star on sun safety on and off the court

Words of wisdom from the rising star of Australian (and indeed world) tennis scene, Ashleigh Barty.  Did you know that Ash Barty was just 21 when she became the highest ranked Australian player? Add to her CV the fact that she already has seven Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) singles titles and ten WTA doubles titles … Read more

Aldi drops new activewear range and nothing’s over $19.99

We’re getting towards the end of January and chances are those news year resolutions are starting to wane. It’s all well and good to promise yourself you’ll workout four times a week next year when you’re in the middle of holiday season excess, but then you’re back at work, a routine starts to form and … Read more

Commando Steve’s top 20 tips to make 2020 your fittest yet

The Coaching Zone ambassador wants us to start the Roaring 20s on the right note.  1. Be committed to the entire process of improving your health. This is where most people come unstuck. Commitment requires discipline not motivation. Be consistent and patient – trust the process. 2. Drink more water – at least six-eight glasses … Read more