Month: September 2019

KX Pilates is the toning full body workout that will whip you into shape

Give a big, sweaty high five to our new editorial series, Class in Review. This is where the body+soul editorial team put their bodies on the line (literally) to honestly review the latest, greatest, weirdest and most creative workouts in Australia. You know that bittersweet feeling after leg day when you literally find yourself hobbling … Read more

Jennifer Lopez’s pole dancing workout video for Hustlers training is incredible

There’s a certain stigma associated with pole dancing. Unfortunately, much of this falls on the idea that dancing is performed as a source of income, such as strippers, and those performing other types of sex work. However, Jennifer Lopez shared a behind-the-scenes video (watch our highlights above, or the full thing here) of how she … Read more

Best wireless headphones for the gym: Sony, Airpods and BeatsX

Anyone who can’t admit corded earphones are a complete distraction and nuisance during a workout is either a) not working out hard enough, or b) from another planet. In fact, wireless earphones have become so mainstream that it’s almost weird when you see a person working out with a cord flapping and flopping about… not … Read more

Acabada CBD infused activewear aids workout recovery

Just when you thought the health industry couldn’t take things any further, fitness brand Acabada has just dropped the latest bombshell: CBD infused activewear. According to the NYC based brand, they believe infusing clothes with CBD can help speed up the recovery process. Cannabidiol or CBD – naturally sourced from hemp plants – is one … Read more