Month: June 2019

Halle Berry’s belly-fat burning workout is the secret behind her six-pack

Besides being everyone’s favourite Bond girl, Halle berry is known for one other thing: her abs. And in the best news ever, the fitness guru has now shared her favourite ab-strengthening workout in her most recent ‘Fitness Friday’ session on Instagram. “For me, this Summer will be about the power of being SEXY STRONG,” Halle … Read more

The ‘brutal’ training regime behind the Miss Universe bodies

It’s not all glitz and glam at Miss Universe. In fact, lots happens behind the scenes that not everyone is aware of — just ask Victorian hopeful Danielle Collis. Ms Collis is among 28 female finalists from Australia vying for a spot to represent their country in the 68th Miss Universe pageant, taking place in … Read more

Chontel Duncan’s full body fat-burning shred is the winter workout you need

Chontel’s Program FIERCE is filled with a variety of styles and is a combination of strength and high intensity training. In the FIERCE program you’ll find four training styles; Strength, Tabata, AMRAP and Circuit. This workout is a Full Body ‘Circuit’ Workout and is a condensed version of what you will find in the circuit … Read more

Khloe Kardashian’s trainer approved workout will blast stubborn fat away

Getting fit and losing weight isn’t usually an area of life where luck comes into play. Unless, that is, you’re working out with Gunnar Peterson. The trainer whose Beverly Hills gym is a mecca for Hollywood A-listers is renowned for doing things a little differently – a toilet sits in the middle of his gym, … Read more