Month: January 2019

Does the ‘buddy system’ actually help us lose weight – or hinder us?

Holding your friends and peers to account if they skip a scheduled gym session or you catch them gorging on cookies after they swore they were cutting out sugar is an effective weight loss tool, a new study reveals – but not in the way you might think. The study, by Kosuke Uetake of Yale … Read more

Most common health and fitness questions answered: Belly fat, HIIT training

From what trainers you need to what time you should eat, we’ve asked four health and fitness experts the most commonly asked questions to help you smash your goals this year. Meet our experts Michelle Bridges, b+s fitness expert Victoria Burdon, Exercise scientist and head trainer at Zova Paul Penna, Sports psychologist at Focus Performance … Read more

Can you pass the fitness test?

Knowing how fit you are can make hitting your goals a whole lot easier. As personal trainer Paul Collins explains: “Establishing a benchmark helps identify your strengths and weaknesses, and from this, it also allows you to establish motivation and accountability.” By understanding your fitness levels, you’ll be better equipped when it comes to setting … Read more